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Legal Information

The website “www.bookingbangkoktour.com” is a local Bangkok tour provider. The company is permitted under the supervision of the Office of Tourism Department. License No.11/4129. The security of www.bookingbangkoktour.com’s customers is also guaranteed by Department of Business Development Ministry of Commerce of Thailand which is shown by BDB Registered Banner on this website.


Little about us

Our company is a family business which has been over ten years. It has been started as a old-fashioned tour business in which there were many counters in hotels and foreign tourist areas in Bangkok. Our main customer is foreign tourists who normally come to contact us at our tour counters by walk-in.


For your satisfaction only

In order to follow a changing and development of technologies which effect to tourist business in Thailand, it’s always important to us to gain more knowledge, which is necessary for developing our tour business. Then, we have developed our tour programs and services for making our customers to be satisfied all the time. One of this reasons, we decided to do online tour business to make us and customers to contact each others easier, and more efficient. Then, we create our own web site named www.bookingbangkoktour.com



Interested in our services now?


Both our offline and online tour businesses have same goals that making enjoyable, comfortable, desirable, and reliable tour to customers to be appreciated. We'll contribute beautiful tours to you on your holiday in Thailand.


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